Friday, April 8, 2011

thankful thursdays. (a day late)

dear man in the cool old chevy who almost ran me off the road yesterday,

thank you for vearing to the right, missing me by mere inches, as you heard my screaming horn.  thanks for showing distress in your kind eyes through your rearview mirror.  it was obvious how awful you felt for almost smashing into my car.  your hand wave was appreciated and i could almost hear you say "i am so sorry."  we all make mistakes.  next time, try changing lanes one at a time, instead of veering across three at once.

have a safe weekend,

 {not the chevy that almost ran me off the road, just one i wouldn't mind taking for a spin}


  1. I once heard a comedian remark that we need some sort of universal hand signal that says, "Yeah, that was my fault. Sorry 'bout that". It made me laugh because there's a few times in life I could have used it.


  2. Yeah, one lane change at a time is a great idea.

    Love the picture. Reminds me of my grandpa.

    And the brussels sprouts [last night] were absolutely delicious... deeeeeeelicious.

  3. Okay- so glad you weren't ran off the road! I love that you forgave him though. I have done that so many times- by that mean I have gotten so mad at a driver only to pass by them or come up next to them and see it is an old man and he is so shaken by what just happened.

  4. oh no...not good! But glad everything's ok :)