Friday, February 3, 2012

in health and in sickness.

always a teacher at <3

Why is it that whenever Sparky is going to spend a father/daughter weekend away with the older one, without fail, the younger one, the little spitfire who is going to hang with me for a couple days, gets sick?  (I was going to write "falls ill."  Huh, what century are we in?  Maybe watching too much Downtown Abbey... but I digress.)  I had a three year old's fun filled weekend planned (with perhaps an overnighter at Gigi and Papa's so Momma could have a little fun with her friends.)  But instead of a Ruby's burger  for dinner on Thursday, a half day at Disneyland, followed by a nice long nap, then Fashion Island for a giant pretzel and gelato on Friday, and a Saturday Snuggle Fest with G-pa and G-ma, we'll be on the couch.  Oh, we've got our arsenals to keep us busy.  Her: Team Umizumi, Sesame Street, Giada at Home, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja.  Me: Pinterest, Blog Roundups, Instagram, Hey Girl tumblrs, The Kitchen House, and streamed Netflix when she's sleeping.  (Note to self (and others): Do not fall asleep to Damages.  It is very unpleasant to be startled awake by screams so real you think someone is being attacked in your bedroom.  Also very unpleasant to have dreams all night long of that experience.  Stick with falling asleep to the banter of Jerry, George. and Elaine.)  It isn't quite the weekend of my dreams...but I'll make it work.  After all, I'm spending it with one of my favorite people, poor sweet little sickie that she is.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Look at those eyes! Hope you guys have fun even with the illness. xo

  2. Yes I've been there with the Damages. I watched it for three days straight once and ignored all others. Plus you had me at the first photo, love him!

  3. poor lil' baby!!! & that weekend sounded SO MUCH FUN!!!

    well... at least you'll be able to have lots {& lots} of cuddling time... & a little {or a lot of} web-catching up time.

    i have yet to watch damages, but when i do, i'll keep that in mind (esp since i'm a total scaredy-cat when r's away.

    guess i have lots to say here. let me know how you like that book... always looking for book club recommendations :).

  4. hate when i put one side of a parenthesis and not the other. OCD.