Wednesday, February 8, 2012

simmer for 2.5 hours, stirring occasionally, do not allow to burn*

*or what to do when you are housebound with a sad sick cuddly three year old who repeatedly says "hold you," will not let you read a magazine on the couch, makes you watch team umizoomi marathons (fyi--not as good as marathons of law and order on tnt) and allows you only brief moments of free time to either a) pee or b) stir a pot on the stove.

balsamic reduction:
pour an entire bottle of balsamic vinegar into a sauce pan.  simmer over low heat for 2.5 hours, stirring occasionally.  do not allow to burn.  remove from heat.  cool.  pour into awesome little squeezie container that you've had sitting in pantry for 3+ years waiting for a purpose.  Squeeze on anything and everything.  for example,  drizzle over this roasted caprese salad from last week.  or over half a sliced avocado.  or put large dollops onto a plate with olive oil and dip bread, preferable some non-nutritional french, but equally good with 100% whole wheat sandwich bread.   definitely delicious on any roasted veggies, and a roasted veggie sandwich on focaccia, even better.  i've also heard it's good with strawberries and vanilla ice cream, but i haven't tried that (yet.)

(back story: a few years ago, sparky and i were at this beautiful winery in napa where i bought a bottle of thick rich gooey sweet-tart balsamic reduction sauce.   i have been jonesing for it ever since i drizzled the last drop.  it only took me 6 years and two failed attempts to finally make my own the right way.  i found the process here.  (tip: do not be tempted to add sugar to the vinegar (failed attempt #1) and do not use anything other than low heat (failed attempt #2.))

next time you are held hostage in your house, you too should make this lovely sauce.  "they" say it will last indefinitely in the pantry.  (who "they" are, i'm not quite sure, but i'm going to trust "them" on this one.)

now for this week's real recipe... my friend torrie made a yummy indian split pea soup that looks like it would fit the bill for a cool winter's night.  go have a look-see.


  1. hey... i like the changes you've made around here!

    i really love your style of writing... the perfect amount of detail, humor, 'matter-of-factness', practicality... and always a little extra touch (i.e. your back story) :).

    {i WILL be making that salad very soon- along with this sauce... as well as jessica's shepherd's pie (have you seen it??)}

  2. Hope you guys are on the mend. I really want to make this!

  3. Fun! I hope your little girl feels better :) I noticed you started following my blog! Thanks so much! I love having new friends to join in and follow along! I too have decided to become a follower of your blog! I'm number 40 :) by the way, your daughter is adorable! I'm getting married this summer, and can't wait until we decide to have kids!
    lovely to meet you!

  4. love the balsamic reduction and it never even occurred to me that i could "make" it. it does not pass my 10 min and under prep time rule, but it sounds easy enough!

    hope your precious one is all better now!

  5. She is so precious and beautiful!!!

  6. I love that balsamic sauce, must get some of that - it goes so well on everything.
    Get well soon, little one!

  7. Wow, what I would do for some balsamic reduction right now. That sounds amazing. I just do not have the patience for 2 1/2 hours of watchfulness. I'll have to add this to my someday list. Hope your baby is better now.

  8. That sucks when people are sick, but might I just say what a stunning picture that is of your little one?! Just WOW. Gorgeous :)

  9. I am such a marathoner when it comes to TV series (I'm talking lost days...)that I've had to have had a bit of a break - actually I hooked into Midsomer Murder Mysteries which is satisfying but not addicting, bit like kale.

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