Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a book and its cover

As my friends will attest, I like a good glass (or two) of wine.  I generally lean toward a full bodied cab, but am not opposed to a zin or a chianti (which reminds me of my Italian honeymoon,) just don't ever ask me to drink a pinot noir.  On a hot summer day, my preferences shift to a crisp chardonnay, some bubbly champagne, or a tart fume blanc.  I have my favorite bottles in the $15 range and really, I should just stick with those.  However,  I seem forever to be searching for a darling bottle...but something about my love of beautifully well designed packages does not usually translate into a delicious bottle of wine.  When I choose a bottle solely for its label, the wine is quite often an epic disappointment.  I've poured many an entire bottle down the sink (which is why I don't spend over $15!)  Life is too short to drink even one bad glass of wine in my opinion.  So when I purchased this beautiful bottle the other day, I had decided that I would not even open it.  You can't quite tell in the photographs (which I took with my cool new hipstamatic iphone app!) but the label is the perfect shade of aqua, with gold and black highlights.  I thought this would be a pretty addition to my kitchen decor and I would be DONE with my ridiculous experiments of tasting new wine based on a label.  The problem is that since making that decision,  I've had at least four friends tell me that they love the Sofia line from Coppola Winery.  What to do, what to do...?  To drink or not to drink, that is the question.

Oh, and p.s. wouldn't any of the Sofia line of bottles make darling favors (or even center pieces) at a bridal shower?


  1. I adore Sofia (the woman and the beverage). Great choice!

    xx Katie

  2. There is nothing worse than pouring a bottle of wine down the drain! I've never had this wine -- hopefully it's a dry Riesling. I say try it and if it's good - yay! get some more and if not, you've still got a pretty bottle and label for flowers or salad dressing. :)