Thursday, August 26, 2010

meet darling jamie.

I lost my fashion mojo for a bit after having babies.  It was just too. much. trouble.  I couldn't be bothered. (If you are a mom, you understand. If you aren't, imagine the most tired you've ever been, multiply it by a thousand, add that to the frumpiest day of your life and you'll understand too.)  I got back in shape (running) but I'd spend my days in my workout clothes or a pair of juicy sweats.  If I happened to go out at night (which, we know I happen to do a lot =) I wore "the uniform."  The uniform = tank top + jeans + wedges, which is fine, but really, just boring.  Anyway, a while ago someone introduced me to this imaginary world called BLOG LAND, perhaps you've visited?  And I started reading fashion blogs (late at night, prompted by my insomnia.) I became inspired here and there, to add something incredibly drastic to "the uniform," you know, like a long necklace or a blazer.  All this is a rather longwinded explanation of my introduction of Jamie form Work Your Closet.  There are a boat load of fashion blogs out there and somehow I stumbled upon hers, and honestly, I'll be forever grateful because it was really her blog, its simplicity and her adorability(is that a word?) that brought me back to my mojo.  Her ability to put darling creative outfits together from items (mostly) in her closet is inspiring. So thanks Jamie.  I recommend you to all my friends. ;)


  1. you are so very welcome :) thanks for the blog love. suppper appreciate it!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm loving your blog!

  3. This is so funny- yes: I believe we are in fact the same person.

    I stumbled upon Blogland not too long ago myself- at a time that I had lost my mojo in more areas than one- and I cannot believe how inspired I've been- by ALL types of blogs/bloggers and yes- even the 25 yr. (newly married, with just an infant or kid-less) olds!! Some of them have my favorite blogs and an outlook on, and way of approaching life (fashion/cooking/marriage/DIY) that I WISH I had back then, and that I have had a hard time finding in my "mom friends" my age!!

    I love the other post as well, on how you were inspired to dig deeper into your own closet- such a simple concept, but so easy to NOT do, for reasons I'm sure that we both deal with. I have blogs like that, where in such a simple way- I'm incredibly inspired (whether from a "popular" blog, or a blog that I've never heard of before).