Sunday, December 19, 2010

first annual (tradition.)

In the midst of the regularly scheduled holiday rush-to-get-it-all-done-while-enjoying-ourselves-immensely-and-creating-lasting-memories-programming, the two year old and I took some time out today (a station break, if you will) to puddle jump and window shop.  The unplanned one on one time with Georgia was incredibly satisfying, relaxing, and fun.  The word decompress comes to mind.  These are the moments.  (Oh, and if you are in the mood for some puddles, I highly recommend these grown up wellies for proper jumping. =)


  1. That looks like fun. What a cutie. I love one-on-one days with my 2 year old. They MAKE you stop and smell the roses, don't they?


  2. Puddle jumping is perfect for decompression, no?

  3. I have a suspicion that Santa is bringing me Wellies this year (based on the Piperlime box that arrived last week):). Shhhhh.

    She is simply too cute. :)