Friday, December 10, 2010

ruffle me up.

I considered calling this post "feeling (completely and totally) overwhelmed."  That said, it's most definitely time for a little distraction.  Ruffles always cheer me up. (A little femininity goes a long way, yes?)  You must twirl in them for proper effect.  

A few picks for me (and you, if you so desire...)

roaring ruffles dress (super cute with a belt!)

leather skirt (yes, please!)

And for the girlies...

And now back to the regularly scheduled holiday rush-to-get-it-all-done-all-while-enjoying-ourselves-immensely-and-creating-lasting-memories programming.


  1. Ooh yes! Ruffles always make things better!

  2. Just bought the gingham skirt for my daughter. She wore it yesterday for her 2nd birthday and to go see Santa. So cute!

  3. So true. Something girly always helps!

  4. Yes!! I la-la-looove ruffles.

    The pink baby girl dress is soo adorable and I'm feeling that leather version for us.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  5. i am in LOVE with that first dress! gorgeous! such a fan of ruffles!

    (and about the comment you left about gaining weight... i think that happens to everyone. i sometimes put on pant in the am and smile because i have obviously lost weight over night!... but then by the end of the day i am struggling to get them over my butt. oh, the life of a woman. and yes, skirts and especially dresses are pretty fantastic for those days!)

  6. Eeek!! I love ruffles!! love love them! They cheer me up too!! I just wore a dress with ruffles to a party this weekend and felt like a princess! :D

    I hope things calm down for you!

  7. being a true hayseed at heart, i love the gingham skirt. wonder if it comes in 2T AND a womens size 6? love the tulip skirt too. if only we could play dress up everyday....

  8. Stephanie- I adore that black tulip skirt. I am going to check out the link. And I like how it is styled in that picture. the ruffle dress (first image) is fabulous too!

  9. "And now back to the regularly scheduled holiday rush-to-get-it-all-done-all-while-enjoying-ourselves-immensely-and-creating-lasting-memories programming."

    LOVE THIS. If I read this sooner, I'd have quoted you in my Monday's post:).

  10. Oh man! I want the dance dress! The shopping seriously has to stop! There are only so many times I can fool my bank account! haha

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