Thursday, January 20, 2011

a confession + an outfit + a trend.

Over the last few months, I've developed a new guilty pleasure.  Every morning while I'm making Ava's lunch, I check out the outfit posts from one of these lovely ladies' fashion blogs.  I have to force myself not to open Safari until after I've gotten the girlies breakfast and after the coffee is made.  If Sparky happens still to be home and walks into the kitchen, I quickly close the browser window!  Not sure why I feel so guilty about it and I also don't know why it's so appealing to me... Perhaps, it's because I don't actually get dressed everyday.  The fact I walk around the house naked most days creates this desire to see clothed people?  I kid.  Of course, I put clothes on everyday (although truth be told if I were more confident in who I am, I'd simply walk Ava the 100 yards to school in my pajamas!)  Unless I have plans outside of mommying, you'll most likely find me in a) workout/yoga pants, a tank top, and a sweatshirt b)sweats (cringe) or c)jeans (if i can fit into them) and a t-shirt.  I so enjoy seeing how these beautiful women put items together into fashionable outfits.  It has made such a difference in how I feel about getting dressed when I actually do "get dressed."  (Unfortunately for Sparky, I think it's made a difference in my shopping habits as well.  But shhhhhh, don't tell.)

There are SO MANY fashion blogs where women simply post pictures of themselves in their darling clothes.  And I totally get the appeal of being one of these bloggers, by the way--a bit like playing dress-up as a kid while spinning and posing in mommy's full length mirror.  It makes me want to get in on the action.  So today I did, using the five year old as my muse.  =)

Sweater-A Children's Place
Knee socks (trend! =) -Target
Shoes-Lelli Kelly, Nordstrom

P.S. Ava picked out her outfit with a little guidance from mom.  I should note that she will ONLY wear dresses, prefers pink and yellow, does not like plaid, and thinks black and brown are "boy" colors.  Getting dressed isn't an easy task these days, friends.  Looking forward to the teenage years. OY! Help me.


  1. I walk around nakie most days too. With the shades open. You know, because it can be a little dull out here in the country and it keeps things exciting for the neighbors.

  2. danielle-thanks!

    deanna-if this were facebook, and that were your status, i'd give it a thumbs up. =)

  3. What a cute muse. I think I may need to find those socks for Miss Monks. And I love love love B. Jones' fashion blog. It reminds me of how I dressed in my 20's and the fact that she's 30 makes me even happier. I CAN do it again.

  4. I cannot tell you in the 2 seconds that I have how much I LOVE this post.

    ... so I'll be back to tell you later, and to click on these (and become obsessed with) these links :)...

  5. K, back and have taken the past 1/2 hr. (or maybe longer;) scouring through those blogs...

    I have tooootally stepped back into not-getting-dressed-in-anything-other-than-yoga-pants mode- and by the way, I don't do yoga! BUT I will say, this is better than before- the non-workout or dressed up look... the frumpy look. I'm trying! :)

    Anyways, I totally get the whole fashion blog obsession, and as you know, it has made a huge difference for me, my closet, and yes- my wallet too. Loved your authenticity in this post:).

  6. Ok, you are a total hoot! I loved this and I bet you are one of those ridiculously adorable women who look ravishing in your sweats and don't even have to try!! But I do catch your drift, I too am amazed by the fashion bloggers. At least if I am not actually donning the items, they are keeping my mind updated for when I do reach in the closet :) XO

  7. Stephanie-wow this is so cute! Your daughter looks so stylish!I hope this means you are working up the courage to do an outfit post! And I have to check out some of those other lovely outfit bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I adore this post!!! She is so adorable and I love her outfit!! Makes me want to be a kid again! to check out those blogs! :)

  9. she is so freakin cute :) those socks kill me!


  10. i'm finally ready to add more style blogs to my reader. (for the most part, i've only followed a few- for various reasons- even though i have always been interested in the topic, and those few that i have followed have been extremely helpful in helping me to de-frump my style/wardrobe in the past year!)

    anyways, i remembered this post and i'm checking (re-checking) these blogs out and updating my reader.

    ...still waiting for you to start your own :).