Monday, January 3, 2011

no resolutions.

Just goals for 2011.  (And a few photographs in review.)

1.  Write everyday.
2.  Explore new parks with the two year old while the five year old is at school.
3.  Cook with the five year old more.  (Just yesterday as she was watching me make a vinaigrette, she asked "Is that a shallot, momma?"  Why, yes, yes it is! =)

*cooking with the girlies in 2010*

4.  Find more creative ways to cook vegetables (thus, eating more vegetables.)
5.  Move my body in a way that doesn't hurt it.
5.  Write everyday.
6.  Play in water more and SWIM (at least) once a week in the ocean this summer (because hello!, I live a mile from this ocean.)

*splashing around with G in the pool, summer 2010*

7.  Bake this cake (which I've seen many places over blog land!)
8.  Go on at least 5 adults-only vacations (even if they are just overnighters.)  Last year we went here, here (twice!), here (rented her apartment for a bit!) and here.  So maybe I should increase that goal to SIX!)

*menus from two of the yummy restaurants we ate at in NYC*

*wine tasting during the spring at Frank Family in Napa*

9.  Learn.  (How to use my camera and something new.  Suggestions?)
10.  Read a book a month.
11.  (Continue to) work my closet (which was initially inspired by Jamie, but now finding inspiration and direction in many other places.  Thank you Naina.)

*workin' my closet at the Plaza last summer.  that's my rehearsal dress from almost a decade ago!*

12.  Show gratitude  Thank you, Sparky, for all that you are to me and the girlies.  We love you and are extremely blessed.

Do you have any goals for the new year?  I'd love to hear them.


  1. What an absolutely fantastic list! I love seeing pictures of you(umm gorgeous!) and your girlies (so adorable!) That's so cool you rented Joanna's apt...that must be a nice way to visit NYC ;) Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. What a wonderful list! I too want to make the cake. I did the less ambitious cupcake version a while back and loved the results. The cake is so amazing. Glad you came by, and that I now have found your site. Can't wait to keep reading.

  3. And please link your list to our listography series! (if you would like...)

  4. michelle-thank you! and yes, it was fun to stay in a "real" west village apartment for part of my first visit to nyc! =)

    danielle-i most definitely will link up! thanks for stopping by. =)

  5. Umm! Okay, you are the most beautiful little mommy I have ever seen and you and your hubby are adorable together! Your girls are so cute running in the yard and cooking with you! How awesome that is! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and I am so excited you are going to do the challenge with me! Yeah!

  6. Ditto Danielle on the rainbow cake. I'm kind of obsessed with it too!

  7. Stephanie-one of my favorite posts of yours and wow thanks for mentioning me. So very sweet. I have to say that it is so nice to see your outfit pictures and honestly you have such an amazing sense of personal style I love it! That lace dress is gorgeous...I cannot believe it's a decade old. You really updated it with the belt and shirt. And you look like you are having so much fun with your girls all the inspiring! Thanks for your kind words and support in 2010. Look forward to seeing more lovely posts from you here in 2011! Happy New Year.

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE- every picture... and the entire list. I peeked in on our way home (and was immediately happy and inspired)- and couldn't wait to see the full-screen version:). You're beautiful- inside and out.

    So much of this is on my list as well, especially, especially #12. Love the cake! I've made the cupcake version and a even made up a camouflage version for Jacob, but next MUST make this one. Annnnd- I LOVE Frank Family Vinyards! That's one of our favorite wineries and picnic spots!

    One more thing- I did end up getting the wellies!!! Rain- please come back! :)

  9. haven't been reading your blog too long, but you know i love it! and just realizing that you call your husband sparky - which is funny bc that's my husband's nickname.

    love the goals...especially the adult vacas. and cooking more with 5yr old. just made french toast this morning with 4 and 2 yr old and they (and me too) get so much simple joy out of it. it's just the best.

    have a great week!