Friday, November 5, 2010

my love affair with the baby ruth.

Halloween candy is evil. It starts with one little snack size Baby Ruth. You tear the wrapper slowly, attempting to muffle the sound so that your 17 month old won't come toddling over, begging. You bite down into the sweet chocolate, your teeth sinking into the soft nougat. There's the slightest crunch of peanut. MMMMMMMMM. You sip some cafecito to wash it down. The next (and last) bite isn't as tasty...but it leaves you wanting more. And before you know it, you are lying on the floor in the midst of foil and paper, chocolate smeared across your chin, your jeans unbuttoned to account for your growing belly and the ache within it. The 17 month old is sitting on your legs saying "nummy" as she licks the inside of a wrapper. That round orange "pail", turned on its side, is laying next to you, empty, and you wonder how you are going to explain it all to your four year old as she walks in the door, home from preschool.

I posted this picture with that caption on facebook last year around this time.  I think it was then that I realized my need for some sort of creative outlet.  So I thank you Baby Ruth.  My skinny jeans curse you, but my creative mind thinks you rock. 


  1. Too funny! So true to. You need to trade kids with me. My kid loves the thrill of trick or treating. However, he does not fancy the candy. So each year, I eat it or feed it to my thanksgiving guests.

  2. Walked into the house about an hour ago- spent morning volunteering, which left no time for my affair with the computer. So, with an hour and a 1/2 of time (that I knew would go by in "seconds"), I decided to grab my cup of coffee (that I hadn't yet indulged in), a little pack of peanut M&M's (not my first pick, but ya know- need a bit of protein)... Then since that didn't curb the appetite, grabbed a Kit-Kat (my kids got like ALL chocolate this year- who should I complain to??)... then a little pack of Milk Duds (rationalizing that the caramel inside would 'fill me up').

    Moral- candy needs to be HIDDEN from me.

    I do love hearing about where it all "began" for you. :)

  3. I have a love affair with Snickers, so I know what you mean!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. It has to start somewhere. Better with chocolate. Awesome.

  5. ahaha That is awesome! :) For me it is Twix. I ate 7 for breakfast yesterday. :/ Yikes!