Tuesday, November 2, 2010

this is my daughter.

As the five year old and I were walking home from school the other day, a cute an adorable little tow head blonde was headed out of his classroom for his recess.  Ava saw him and her face LIT up with delight.  She immediately dropped my hand and ran over shouting "RYAN!"  She threw out her arms and wrapped him up in one of her typical bear hugs.  (She is not shy with these, gives them out freely to every soul lucky enough to be in her range of movement.)  He returned a HUGE smile coupled with a very slight hug and said "Hi Ava."  She waved bye and we were on our way.  Couple seconds later...

Me: Who was that boy, Ava?
Her: That's Ryan, Momma.  You know, from church.
Me: Oh. Right.  What grade is he in?
Her: Second.
Me: Do you have a crush on him? (Immediately wish I could pull those words back into my mouth, you know the way you slurp up a long piece of spaghetti that failed to twirl on your fork!)
Her (head cocked staring up at me now, perplexed look on her little face): What does that mean?
Me: Oh, just that you kinda like him, no big deal.
Her: Oh.

Silence as we walk for about 10 feet and she is in major thought mode. (That girl does not stop talking so silence is HUGE for her.)

Her:  You know Momma, I think he's crushin' on me.


  1. As he very well should. Keep up that thinkin' Aves. You are on your way! (love this post).

  2. so sweet! i cannot wait for those kinds of chats with my little one. Come on over to style'n. My post is inspired by you today :)

  3. cute. it's amazing the things that come out of their mouths!


  4. HAHAHA!

    GOOD GIRL! You have taught her well.
    This was fabulous.