Friday, February 11, 2011

get set, reset.

I am in a rut and I feel like a need a kick in the tush.  A radical change.  Even for just a few days...

I started the new year right.  After LOTS of holiday merrymaking (in every possible way!) I began eating more vegetables. Cutting out the sugar.  Exercising more.  Drinking less wine.  (Don't laugh!)  And to be  smug, it was all very easy.  It was just... back to normal.  And it felt amazingly good.  But then something happened a week or two ago...   I'm not sure what.  Perhaps it had to do with the five year old getting sick, and then, over the next 12 days, the rest of my family falling like dominoes.  Then there was the complete lack of sleep,  recovering with too much caffeine, rushing just to keep up, getting sick myself...

Thankfully I'm on the mend.  (I just have that horrible lingering cough.  You know the one.  It shows up when you start laughing really hard.  And what I need right now IS to laugh really hard... somewhat ironic. But I digress.)  And even though I am on the mend, I feel, well, to put it bluntly, like crap.  I've tried over the last few days to get back to my smug self, the girl who easily makes decisions that leave her feeling shiny-- healthy and revived, but not deprived.  (I'm really not good at deprivation, friends!)  But I can.not.find that girl anywhere.  And so I've decided that these desperate times call for desperate measures.

Enter the cleanse.  Next Tuesday, I'll be starting a three day juice fast created by Ritual Cleanse.  And if you think I'm waiting until after the weekend, after Valentine's Day for a reason, well, then, you'd be a genius.

Have a romantic weekend.  (In my daydream, Sparky and I are sailing away on that boat.)


  1. Yes, I know the lingering cough... I have it. (won't bore you with details, but I have a cold that won't leave- goes away, comes back, goes away, comes back)!

    Good for you on taking a major step to feel good again. Have a :) weekend (filled with good food... & wine)!

  2. I am so excited for you. I have always wanted to try that cleanse but am scared I will be very unpleasant for those few days. You will have to give me the play by play.

  3. Just a quick note to say good luck with your cleanse over the next few days! Cheers to 'resets' and 'kicks in the tushes.' =)

  4. Hi! I found you through Torrie's blog (link). My husband and I are very interested in learning more about The Ritual Cleanse. Have you ever tried it before? If not, do you know others who have done it? Very interesting... good luck!