Tuesday, February 22, 2011

two forty.

I woke up this morning thinking about that number.  Yesterday, I wrote about my cleanse, mentioning that the three day endeavor cost $240 and suggesting that perhaps the money would have been better spent on a pair of shoes.  The two forty definitely would have found me closer to a pair of neutral heels I'm currently coveting for spring.  For example, these perfectly casual espadrille wedges--

or maybe these fabulous cutouts--

or these camel colored babies, which would put me a tad over 6 feet tall--

or perhaps this pair with the sexy ankle strap...

However, while I doubt I will ever spend $240 on another cleanse, I have to retract what I said earlier.  

In the past, I've been motivated to better health for many reasons.  My motivation has been intrinsic as in "I really want to FEEL better."  It's also stemmed from pure vanity as in "I will wear (and look hot in) that damn black string bikini again!"  It's even, at times, been altruistic as in "Sparky is going to love my legs in that short skirt."  Never before had I been monetarily motivated to feel and look better.  The simple knowledge that we had spent that money was motivating in and of itself; it kept me a little more focused on seeing the program to completion without any cheating (it was only three days after all!)  If I'd cheated, it would have felt as if I were throwing two hundred and forty one-dollar bills in the garbage can.  Or worse yet, as if I were throwing a pair of these in the garbage can!  And so in truth, I must say it was $240 very well spent.


  1. Ohh. Those DVFs. I have a new shoe crush. Which isn't hard. My heart is fickle when it comes to shoes! :)

    So? How did the cleanse go? Do you feel better? Between you and Torrie I'm getting so much info on diet & fitness things I've been so curious about but have never tried!


  2. i adore the camel wedges. i've had my eye on a pair for ages! seriously longing and dreaming of warmer, longer days!

  3. wow I have never done a cleanse before. And love the shoes...I just got the new Stuart Weitzman Spring catalog and I want every single pair!

  4. Love this (and as you know, your "vanity" honesty).

    And really, really want those shoes (especially the top and bottom ones).

  5. Gorgeous selections. I sure do love wedge shoes.

  6. I bought the top shoes last year and they have been brilliant - they go with everything - but I'm sure you are sparkling from within with the cleanse - so it's a tough call!!!