Wednesday, February 16, 2011

girl crushin'. (and just because I can't spell your names doesn't mean i don't love ya! just sayin'.)

Each Wednesday of the new year, my friend Torrie (and two more friends Danielle and Emily) are working their way through Listography 2011 as a way to reflect, categorize, and have fun (among other goals!)  They graciously invited us all to join them, and finally, I've gotten my act together in time to include a list for this week's topic, girl crushes.  You know you've got them.  Now it's time to share them.  Well, at least it's my time to share them. =)

Gwyneth Paltrow
because she puts being a wife and mom first, is multitalented, is my age, has had two kids, and looks hot in a bikini (which means there IS hope for me yet!)

Ina Garten
because she completely and successfully changed career paths, loves Jeffery, and has mad skills as a chef.

Sandra Bullock
because she's resilliant, smart, funny, and doesn't take crap.

Jennifer Aniston
because she embraces her single girl life, doesn't give a shit about other people's expectations of her, and always seems to be having a good time doing it.  (Oh, and she looks pretty smokin' in a bikini too.)

Zooey Deschanel
because she's a quirky, underrated actress, and because I love her bangs.

Ellen Degeneres
because she makes me laugh. Hard.

My amazing beautiful friends (~this is just a sample of them~)
because they inspire me in all the ways these famous ladies do, but they are real, and solid, and they're there to hold me up when I need them and laugh with me the rest of the time.

If you like to play along, link up here (or simply comment with your current girl crushes.  I'd love to know!)  And check out the entire selection of lists right over here.


  1. Oh Zooey is a good pick! And I read an article today on Jennifer Aniston that made me love her. Ok, my list keps growing. I might have a problem here.

    Saw your comment about the one cup of coffee. GOOD call. A migrane would have derailed the entire thing.

  2. Oh, I LOVE that you put Ina Garten on your lists. I agree that changing careers is a cool girl move.

  3. Great list. And what a sweet mention about your friends, I am sure they feel the same about you!

  4. i heart ellen for sure! and gwyneth, how rockin hot does she look in that photo!? i am totally wearing a black button down tomorrow :)

  5. Thanks for joining us Stephanie!! LOVE your list, and especially all of your reasons. A total crush on Ellen, Ina, ... well all of them, actually. And I'm glad you put Jennifer (and not the 'other one.' =).

    And your friends... adorable. You're a lucky gal.

  6. I love your list! My girl crush is Victoria Beckham. She's so funny! AND she's a stylish mom.

  7. I don't mean to pick you apart, but if they were honestly girl crushes that you adored, admired, etc, and are listing htem here to give them respect for the reasons listed after each picture....wouldn't you know how to spell their names? (Or use google?)

    Half of them are wrong! Jus' sayin'.... ;)

  8. @jennylee--you know, you're right. sorry about that! i wrote this post in thirty second spurts between loving my children and meeting their demands... i'm sure all you moms out there can relate! =)

    thanks for pointing out the errors so constructively. I will fix them.

  9. Actually, I should apologize...I happened upon your post, and being one whose name is often misspelled (though jenny & lee aren't that hard, but put them together and people lose their ability to spell!), I just decided to let my cranky out in a comment.

    I sincerely apologize...there is no need for a spelling nazi - it's your blog, if you wanted to spell every single word wrong, then by gosh, you could! :)

    PS - I have 2-year old triplets, as well as a full-time career, so as ones of those Moms out there, yes, I can relate!

    I'm sure you didn't see that coming, right? lol :)

  10. I love your revised title =).

  11. So you've got some of my girl crushes...Sandy, Jen and Zoey...and some of my bestie's...Gwyneth and Ina all in one post!