Wednesday, October 13, 2010

am i the only one?

The five year old and the two year old are currently bodyboarding.  On the couch.  The five year old is the "board" and the two year old, well, she's the "body."  They are in violation of more house rules than I care to count.  But I just can't bear to intervene as they are a) both laughing hysterically b) enjoying each other's company c) not watching tv and d) thoroughly entertained without me being involved.  So I'm quietly looking the other way because I am currently surfing.  On my laptop.  Sitting down.  Without little fingers trying to poke at the keyboard or little voices telling me what site to go to.  I'm also drinking a glass of wine.  Did I mention I'm sitting down?

And it's priceless that Sparky walks in from work in the midst of it.  Cheers!

P.S. Yes, the almost two and half year old still uses a binky.  Anytime she wants it.  Go ahead and judge me.


  1. Such a cute post! My little one is going through the terrible twos and in some odd way I am enjoying it. Let her use the binky! No time for mommmy-haters!

  2. This is adorable! No body's judgin ya sister. Not when two little girls have smiles like THAT on their faces!

  3. Hailey had a serious addiction with her "binky" (ours was referred to as "by-yee" (don't ask:). I think, until, like 3 years of age??? When she turned 3, we told her, she would be a "big girl"... time to toss 'em out (And she did! She put them in the trashcan herself... very ceremoniously.).

    Love your post, and NO- you are not the only one. Except my beverage is straight Vodka (kidding).

  4. ha ha my almost 3 year old still takes her pacifier at night (we call it a bah bah...don't ask!) actually she has one for her mouth and she has to hold another one in her hand. can you top that??? I know I need to take it away but why don't I? the good thing is she doesn't use it all night but I really need to get rid of it.

  5. Hi Stephanie :)

    How adorable is this??!! It's the moments that count and truly dress our lives. This is no exception!

    Nice blog!



  6. Hahah - I think it's adorable that she still uses a binky ;) And they are ridiculously adorable!