Tuesday, October 19, 2010

insomnia + the best laid plans + some weekend photos

When I started this blog, I sought out Joslyn for some advice.  I asked her how she found the time to write her wonderful blog Simple Lovely, given that she has two beautiful daughters, a husband, a career, and what appears to be a very full time LIFE.  She graciously responded, telling me that the biggest "game changer" for her was getting up an hour before her girls did.  She said that she does 90 percent of her blog writing in the silence of the early morning, drinking a cup of coffee.  A fabulously simple but genius idea.  And yet, I was immediately turned off by it.  Here's why.

Sleep is a hot commodity around here for me.  Even though I am quite gifted at teaching my children how to sleep well (I actually refer to myself as the "nap whisperer,") I'm personally not very skilled at it. I wake at the slightest noise (read: girlie cough, giggle, cry or sigh, Sparky snore, dog whimper.)  You'd think that in itself would be great for blog writing.  I mean, I'm up in the middle of the night for hours at a time with nothing to do, many many minutes of uninterrupted Stephanie time.  But, sadly, no.  It seems my middle-of-the-night brain has only the capacity to a) watch reruns of my beloved Law and Order (the original,) b) shop, c) create imaginary to do lists and d) read other people's stories in blog land.  My sweetest sleep is usually between the hours of four and six thirty a.m. when I somehow find dream land for a few hours before my girlies wake for the day.

However, in an effort of good faith and because it's quite clear that Joslyn is doing something seriously right, I decided that at some point I would give her idea a try.  Well, today was the day.  Mainly, because I woke up at 4:45 and thought to myself, "Some people get up at this time everyday.  It's morning.  Sort of.  I'll just get up." And then I got excited.  Yes!  I'll get up.  Make some coffee.  Drink it.  And WRITE.  An entire hour and half of quiet solitude.

Well, friends, within 5 minutes of those lovely first sounds of coffee percolating, G was calling for me.  No joke. "Lay Momma.  Lay Momma."   And really how does one say no to that?

Early morning writing: Major F to the AIL.

Early morning cuddle session with Georgia: Epic WIN.

artist at work

dance party and the tutu that won't quit

rocking the 80's inspired side braid (Ava's current signature hair style)

shopping at Jonathan Adler. "mommy, I'd like this chair for my room, please."

"yes, Ava, well I'd like this one for my room. please."

dressed up for church and a lovely lunch.  (what's missing here? the color gray is a hint.)

what the table looks like after sweet husband walks girlies over to gelato so mommy
can sit quietly enjoying her Sunday lunch glass of Justin cab


  1. i love this post! so true...sleep is such a major commodity when you have little kids. there have been so many mornings lately when i dragged myself out of bed before sunrise only to have millie wake up at the exact. same. time.

    yes, total F to the AIL!

    but i reason that soon they might not want to snuggle with us (sadly), yes?

  2. This is so funny for many reasons... one being that I, too sought out Joslyn's advice before I started my blog (blog design advice:)!

    I've gone through insomnia before (way before I entered the blog world, so I resorted to books- which helped more than t.v.). Fortunately, now, I am able to do the same as you attempted- get up *before the kids (and husband) do. It's helped tremendously with blog reading & writing... and just simply starting my day.

    But snuggling is a pretty nice way to start the day too:).

  3. I have to agree with you. I'm simply not a morning person, so I tend to do most of my blogging late at night with a glass of wine. I can handle emptying the dishwasher with a cup of coffee and that's about it. :) To each his own, right? The key is to find the time the best time for YOU.