Friday, October 29, 2010

comfort zone and a "little" updo.

I've been thinking a lot about comfort zones lately and have come to the conclusion that mine is decidedly not very comfortable anymore.  In fact, it's down right making me nauseous.  So I'm kickin' it to the curb.  With that in mind I decided to switch it up Wednesday night when we went out to dinner for my mother in law's birthday. I've recently discovered Beth Jones (a fellow resident of OC) at B. Jones Style.  She's got these fun "hair tutorials" where she videotapes* herself showing off her cheapest accessory--a cute hair style.  These are styles that I wouldn't normally consider for one or more of the following reasons--A) I'm too old.  B) I'm not stylish enough.  C) My ears and/or head are too big.  D) My hair is too fine/straight/fuzzy/damaged.  E) Who am I trying to kid?  No way I can pull that off.  

Well, when your comfort zone is speaking such negative smack to you it's time to put some duct tape over its mouth and just go for it.  So I watched this and did.

P.S. *Is "videotape" even the right term anymore????  (Child of the 80's much?)

P.P.S.  I've been eating too much and spending far too much time in the kitchen doing dishes so I decided that we were all eating cereal for dinner this week (not really) but here are some yummy recipes from the fabulous ladies participating in Pretty Mommy's Fall Recipe Exchange.  Have a fun filled Halloween weekend!

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  2. Okay, so I just returned from a Halloween Party, and have a little calm time, which means I feel a long comment coming on...

    I hate to always say this, but I need to, because it is true. I am at the exact same point!! I am really tired of that voice inside, and as you- have been thinking of locking it in a closet, for good. I mean, the littlest of things, hair in a bun, black nail polish, I could seriously go on forever with examples... I see all of those styles/trends on others, and come up with 10 reasons why that just wouldn't work for me.

    And I am finally- seriously questioning that voice. In full disclosure, though- I do feel a bit limited due the few extra pounds (that others would say I'm crazy about... but I know I need to lose em- per my recent post:)... but other than that temporary limitation on a few styles- there is no reason that I can't switch it up a bit! And the same is obviously true for YOU!!

    I'm definitely trying Sydney's wavy hair tutorial... and this bun over the weekend.

  3. I think you look beautiful! I def you think you should ignore that voice with all the reasons you shouldn't do things since it's obviously wrong. :) But I know what you mean. Now that I'm in my 30's it's more of a balancing act to indulge my love of clothes and fashion without looking like I'm trying to look 19 again.