Monday, October 25, 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow.

In the last year I've gone from this--

to this--

Quite a change for me, my friends.  There were a few colors in between.  Some carefully placed caramel highlights.  A not so carefully applied home dye job (which I highly do not recommend!)  Finally, I got the courage to do what I've been wanting to do for the last 10 years--become a brunette.  Why did it take me so long?  Why did I allow a hair color to define who I was for almost 20 years? (Yep, I started coloring my hair at eight. =)

The truth?  I AM a blonde.  A dirty dishwater blonde.  A color that seems to work well on so many other women. But not me.  When I was a child, well, I looked like this--

And I think I've spent the last decade and a half of my life trying to somehow find a way back to that hair color. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective,) that hair color doesn't exist in a bottle, it only exists in my memory and in my parents' photo albums.  So I decided to lovingly leave it there and try something new. I'm not sure if the new venture has been successful.  And honestly, I don't really care.  I am simply happy that I moved out of my comfort zone and evolved


  1. I love both colors! they look great on you!

  2. I agree with Ana. I really like your hair color in both pictures (and what a cutie)!

    But as you said- you tried something *new... you've evolved, which is liberating and FUN, right??

    My mom is a "hair dresser" (not the app. term, but what we call it!), so my hair has been permed, dyed, crimped, highlighted, you-name-it a gazillion times. But it has also gone through intermittent lengths of time where it has been untouched completely (of course with faded color, from the previous dye session). I'm trying to get away from the "untouched" phase (ya know, the whole "de-frumping" business:).

    ...need a face shot with your hair- so I can truly see how it looks!! :)

  3. But I *do like that picture with you and your husband:).

  4. Wow, what a change. I do love dark hair, being a brunette myself. But you were a lovely blond. How lucky you are to look good both ways.

  5. I LOVE that you're brunette! You look great!! This kinda makes me miss it a little bit! You honestly can pull off both looks beautifully! Lucky girl...