Sunday, September 19, 2010

the detox

I'm only sharing this here (with you-- my nine readers) with the hope that if I write it out loud, I will actually abide to it.  So here it goes.  For the next two weeks (14 entire days,)  I GIVE UP SUGAR.  And by sugar, I mean sweets, desserts, cookies, ice cream, candy, and foods with added sugar in them.  I DO NOT in any way mean wine.  Just to be clear.

The cupcake that put me over the edge.

Update:  I must confess that during a semi-breakdown after an epically bad day, I ate an entire Hershey's chocolate bar smeared with Skippy creamy peanut butter Wednesday night while watching a dvr'd (or is it dvred?) episode of Parenthood.  Please don't judge me.


  1. As one of your faithful {9} readers...
    ... I wish you much luck in your sugar-free endeavor. Good thing your wine is excluded in the detox (coffee too?).

    Love your cupcake picture:).

  2. yes, coffee is excluded too. drinking a giant mug right now. =) and i'm happy to report i made it through one entire day without eating another one of those cupcakes or any other sweet! only 13 days to go...