Friday, September 17, 2010

discoveries* made.

(*And by discoveries, I mean existing treasures I happened upon while drinking my coffee watching Sesame Street with the two year old.)

An important lesson for all of us: How to be Alone.  (First seen here.)

Oh, how lucky to be Italian, fashionable, focused, blonde, beautiful, twenty-three...and all at the same time! (Spied her cute braid here.)

It's cold this morning and I'm thinking it would be yummy to be eating this for dinner.  And (for a change) I'd like someone to make it for me.

But by early afternoon it will be warm again (this is Orange County after all) and I'd happily sip on this.

If money grew on trees and the five year old cared at all about real fashion, I'd buy her this for the fall.

A fun new bag for fall into winter would be nice.  This oversized red one would do.  Or perhaps this gray hobo (ruffles and studs!)

This little dude keeps poppin' up and I just heart him very much.  (In my mind he's wearing a yellow sweatshirt and red track pants, don't know why.)

I'm really excited to be seeing this film with some of my girlfriends on Sunday.  Hope Josh Duhamel doesn't disappoint.  (What am I saying?  Of course, he won't!)

Have a splendid weekend.


  1. I love that video, I can watch it over and over again! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. look at you go with your blog. im impressed!!!

  3. it was me beck, by the way. im slow on this blog stuff....

  4. but i might just stay anonymous...i like it.

  5. Love the video, Italians (for sure, was one in my past life), the bags, and really want to see that movie. Let us know how you liked it!!

    Comment above made me laugh. It was interesting how my non-blogger friends reacted to my blog, the comment section, etc. :)