Saturday, September 4, 2010

let them eat cake.

A macaroni and cheese cupcake, that is.  I am so making this for my next party.  (Really, though who needs a party?  The girlies can have these with a side of broccoli for dinner, Sparky would eat about 15 of them, and I'll munch on one (or two...) while sipping a glass of cabernet as I watch the first season of netflixed Mad Men.)

Photo and recipe courtesy of Framed Cooks.

And consider the possibilities of what else might be made into a cupcake?


  1. The best idea ever...

    I'm making macaroni & cheese next week. I'm trying this, for sure.

    Let me know how you like Madmen; I've been wanting to get started on this show myself (a little late to the party, but whatever). :)

  2. ... Spelling correction: "Mad Men"

    Blogger needs a 'post comment editing' option:).