Wednesday, September 8, 2010

let them eat cake (or she was so mad she threw the whole cake at him and walked away in her red high heels.)

Yesterday, during my daily surf (internet, that is) I happened upon this spectacular blog oh happy day!  The creator is San Francisco party planner Jordan Ferney and her hubby is artist Paul Ferney.  (Wouldn't it be fun to be invited to their house for dinner!?)  Recently, they collaborated on an art show and it wasn't just the whimsical paintings that made it so wonderful.  Jordan also created little stories to go along with every cake painting.  Each story is told in one simple clever sentence and leaves one's mind to wonder (or is it wander...?)  I can totally see myself surveying each painting, head cocked slightly askew, imagining the characters behind the cake.  And at the same time I'd be digging my fork into a piece of red velvet chocolate because they also served cake during the showing.  (Genius.)

She broke up with him because he didn’t offer her a bite of his chocolate cake.
She had just kissed a stranger on the sidewalk and was in the mood for some cake.
After he baked her a cake from scratch, she knew he was the boy she was going to marry.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of Gary and Elaine of Catalog Living. =D

  2. Ah!
    I wish I had thought of this!
    (I'm going to assume they were inspired by me.)

  3. Oh! I've seen these twice today and I keep getting even more itchy to get one :)
    If only I could!

  4. Totally genius. Both Jordan and her husband are seriously talented... a creative force to be reckoned with:).

    Too bad I don't live in in San Francisco; I'd LOVE to go see cute pictures of cakes (and eat it too)!